Our schools

In 2009 we visited three state schools in Nigeria to carry out best practise skills sharing exercises. We found teachers who were keen to teach and students who were eager to learn, but the lack of resources posed an immense challenge. For example, one school had 160 students in each class.

In 2010 we carried out a skills-sharing exercise at Paradise Primary School in Ikota, Lagos. This was the school that Godspower attended before qualifying for our scholarship programme. Paradise School exists only because a church pays for its upkeep and the teachers’ salaries. Again, we found that the biggest challenge is the lack of basic resources. We shared best teaching practice on how to engage with children and how to move away from traditional methods of teaching in front of a blackboard. As well as tips on how to prepare well in advance for a class, we shared techniques for getting the children engaged through questions, quizzes and activities. We gave them handouts prepared by Shade Babalola, a practising teacher in the UK and trustee for Path to Possibilities.

In 2010 we also visited an improvised school in Ijora Badia, where we found children aged six to ten being taught in the same class with only a few textbooks.

In the coming year we hope to raise a ‘special projects’ fund to procure the services of a carpenter to divide the children’s classrooms according to the year they are in. We will also work to raise funds to buy schoolbooks.

School in Ijora Badia

This is the primary school in Ijora we visited in June 2010. We shared best practice teaching techniques with the teachers here, and we're looking to work with them in building a school library later this year.

Just £7.50 a month will buy all the books required for a student for a year


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