Our Work

We work to sponsor the secondary education of talented but disadvantaged young people in Nigeria. In addition to helping individual children, our work focuses on sharing teaching skills, materials and best practice with state-funded primary schools in Nigeria, as well as lobbying and campaigning for change in the education system.

Our work is not simply about individual children and their schooling – it is about a wider vision, an accumulated impact on every aspect of their lives and their society as a whole. The lack of secondary education for a large proportion of the population is slowing Nigeria’s progress and resulting in an immense loss of talent.


We assist with fees and accommodation costs for boarding school and general maintenance costs for secondary schools. Our process for finding young people to support is based entirely on merit and we work hard to overcome the barriers of inequality. We believe that formal applications processes can inadvertently exclude poor students – they may not be comfortable filling in forms, may not have internet access, etc. – so we are committed to finding alternatives.

Our team scouts state primary schools in poor communities and works closely with head teachers to identify bright but poor children. We encourage them to sit the Path to Possibilities assessment examination, supporting them through the process. Children who pass then sit the independent exams of private schools we recommend. The number of young people we support each year depends on available funds from donors.

Skills Sharing

As well as offering scholarships for disadvantaged young Nigerians, Path to Possibilities works to support state schools in Nigeria. We share teaching skills and best practise techniques with schools that are, without exception, over-subscribed and their teachers, whose capacity is extremely stretched. We also support them with teaching materials whenever possible. With teachers often dealing with classes of over 100 pupils, with little or no resources, our work focuses on developing skills that will help keep the children engaged. Where traditional blackboard lecturing is used as the primary approach to teaching young children, we also offer training in more participatory forms of learning.

Special Projects

Our focus as an organisation is on the scholarship fund and the skills-sharing work that we do with schools. However, while working with severely underfunded and oversubscribed schools, we realised that it was almost impossible not to look for ways to help them overcome the lack of resources. This is why we have set up our Special Projects division. We get involved in what we call ‘desperate’ educational projects – such as building a classroom or providing books, paper and pens. We set up special fundraising events to focus on these projects. This ensures that the regular donations we receive continue to support the scholarship fund for poor but bright children to attend secondary school. £5 will buy a schoolbook –imagine the difference that £500 would make to a class of 100 students who are used to sharing five books between them.

If you would like to organise a fundraiser to help support schools in dire need of books and classroom supplies, why not look at our Get Involved page for some ideas of where to start.

Just £7.50 a month will buy all the books required for a student for a year


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Donations from our supporters go directly to paying for:

  • school fees
  • school books
  • accommodation
  • living expenses

throughout the students' secondary school education.