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We deal with many social and cultural issues as we strive to ensure that our children are provided with the best opportunities; from smart children who do not have a good primary foundation in literacy which prevents them from expressing themselves confidently, to children being so malnourished in their first year with us that they need medical intervention. Sometimes we even have to deal with the threat of withdrawal of a child by one parent who wants to see a daughter married off, against the wish of the other parent. These are the realities of the children we support.

Our goal is always to give our children the best opportunities to fulfil their potential, and we work tirelessly with our partner schools to make this happen.

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SS3(Year 12)
Joined 2009

Godspower is our first scholarship recipient.
We have been very proud to watch him grow over the years. He is a very talented footballer and will graduate in July 2015.   See more of his story

SS2(Year 11)

Joined 2010

Elijah is a very hard working young student.
He consistently averages top marks in his assessments. He is also a keen athlete and singer. See more of his story


SS2(Year 11)

Joined 2010

Balaraba Sidi won a scholarship onto our program in 2010, she is incredibly bright and articulate. Unfortunately her time on the program was dodged with tensions between religious and cultural beliefs and a western style education. We dealt  with her father wanting to withdraw her from school for marriage,  and her mom wanting her to complete her education. Sadly Bala's father died suddenly in 2015, and her father's family withdrew her from school, a year before her graduation.
We sincerely hope that the 5 years of education Bala received will stand her in good stead. See more of her story

JSS2(Year 8)
Joined 2012

Farouk had a difficult time adjusting to the secondary school standards. The school eventually suggested he should be held back a year. We have limited resources, but we were loath to give up on Farouk. In the end, and with great support from his mother, we decided to withdraw him from boarding school but support him at his local secondary where his mum would be closer.  

Paul / Adejoke / Shakirat

JSS2(Year 8)
Joined 2013

 Our class 2013.
Excited and eager children.
We are watching their progress with high hopes.

Praise & Daniel

JSS1(Year 7)
Joined 2014

 Our class of 2014. We started working with a new partner school in 2014. Our intakes from 2014 are studying at Hallifield College. As we grow, we are always looking for new and better ways to fulfil our mission. We are already seeing very promising results from their first term exams.
  1. “Sowing a seed and watering it until the end result is a beautiful feeling. Although I live in the UK I'm contributing to my beautiful country, full of amazingly creative and intelligent people who are waiting to bloom.” Omotunde Dipo-Lawuyil

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