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While most people support us through online donations or standing orders, we are also delighted when groups, schools or individuals help by organising fundraising activities. Here are a few ideas for how you could help raise money to support secondary education for children in Nigeria.

Community Events

Looking for ideas for fundraising in your school, workplace, church or community centre?

Crafts Fair – whether you want to sell handmade objects or organise a gathering where people can make things together, it will be fun getting people of all ages being creative together to raise money.

Fun & Games – from three legged races to coconut targets, you can organise a day of games in the spirit of an old fashioned fun fair. If you have a school hall or green area to hold it in, you can charge for each game.

Movie Night – set up a makeshift cinema to show a film that your community will love. Maybe an old musical or a classic film? You can combine this with bake sales, raffles and other ways of raising money.

Sales or Auctions – Ask people to donate new or nearly new items that can be re-sold. People will be happy to pay a good price because it’s for a good cause! You could always serve nibbles and charge an entry ticket as well.

Food & Drink

People are often happy to part with money in return for tasty treats!

Bake Sales – getting together with friends to bake cupcakes, cookies or other delicious treats is a great way of raising money. The treats can be sold informally at a school or workplace, or as part of a larger fundraising event. You might even find food shops willing to have a stand of your treats on show at their tills.

Dinner Party Fundraising – organising a dinner party to raise funds can be really successful – enlist the help of a friend to cook the food, then ask all your guests to donate money instead of bringing a bottle of wine.

Coffee Mornings – because they are so easy to organise, coffee mornings are a great way of bringing people together to raise money. They can be one-off events or regular gatherings. People are often happy to donate food and nibbles to serve.


Do something you’ve always wanted to do – and get sponsored for doing it!

Races – A lot of money can be raised when you organise a charity race. Ask everyone involved to get sponsorship, and you’ll have a great day running or jogging to raise the funds. Put posters up at your local gym to get more people involved.

Extreme Sports – Have you always wanted to try a sky dive or bungee jump? Why not do it in the name of charity and get sponsored! Silly Ideas – You don’t have to do something physically tiring to get sponsored.

Get creative – could you get sponsorship for wearing a silly hat for a week? People might be happy to sponsor you if there’s comedy involved!

Green Idea – Combine fundraising with going green. Get someone to sponsor you to cycle instead of drive for a week.

Performance & Entertainment Evenings

If you can’t find a community hall to host a music evening, how about a series of evenings in people’s living rooms? You could even auction out your musical friends as living room performers for an evening!

Comedy Nights – Most pubs will be happy to host a comedy evening. Once you have a few people happy to do stand-up, why not contact some “big name” comedians – maybe they’d be happy to do a ten-minute set for charity.

Talent Shows – With the rise of shows like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ people are increasingly happy to showcase their talents. See if your workplace, school or church would be happy to host a talent show. It’ll be a fun evening and is the perfect place to run raffles, bake sales and other smaller fundraising initiatives.



Just £7.50 a month will buy all the books required for a student for a year


 Bake off for P2P

Bake off for P2P

In June 2010, Betty Nwosu organised a bake sale at her work place.

“I got my colleagues to bake as well, and between us we made a good selection of treats – carrot cakes, brownies, cookies and muffins,” says Betty. With the consent of her HR department, she posted flyers around the office promoting the bake sale. She also used the online intranet noticeboard to make sure that as many people as possible knew about the fundraiser. For the sale itself, Betty set herself up in a prime spot in the building with high footfall, right on the first floor landing.

“We raised £150 and used the opportunity to tell more people about the charity!”

P2P Fundraiser

So you've decide to run, bake or perhaps sing, why not promote your efforts?

Word of mouth is great, but you can also design a flier about what you're doing, create a facebook event page, make a You Tube video and send it to all your friends, colleagues and family. A JustGiving page is an easy way to collect donations - you can set one up in minutes and share with your supporters.

However you decide to raise money to help educate children in Nigeria, why not send us an email with photos of your fundraiser, a bit of information about the work you did, and you may well appear on this page!

And of course if you've got a top tip for fundraising, then email us

Thank you in advance, on behalf of the P2P team and all the children we support, for taking the time and putting in the effort to make a real difference.

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