October 2016


Ikota Resoure Centre is opening– the Story so far

After working in the area of Ikota for 6 years, we realised that we couldn’t sponsor all the children in the community, but we could give them access to a resource centre - to study, use computers, and to take vocational courses.   Before we started the project we visited the schools in the area to learn if such a centre would be useful to over 1,000 children living in and around Ikota. We spoke directly to these children in their schools (video here ) and the answer was Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Pleaseeee. 

We knew we needed to raise money to rent an appropriate space, to renovate or redecorate, to buy the various pieces of equipment’s, to ship books, to find the right staff, oh my it was a mammoth task!  We had ideas of how to raise money.  But to raise money you need money, and we didn’t have money. One day I found myself talking to a dear friend, telling her I had this idea for a fundraiser but no money, I didn’t ask, and never would have, but she said ‘I’ll give you the money to host this event, make it work cause I don’t want to see my money wasted’ I said no no no she said ‘you can’t refuse and that’s how the Tea Parties were born. We hosted two Tea Parties in London and that raised over £7,000 – less than 30 women came and gave us £7,000! A lot of you reading this where there thank you!! We took the Tea party to Lagos and it was not a success, we can’t lie, but those who showed up made it count!! They too supported!

When we came back to London we hosted a Casino night,  at a time when the team was getting tired, feeling demoralised, we had had one not so successful event in Nigeria, and our annual charity race didn’t do as well as we anticipated,  but that CASINO NIGHT! We got the boys involved and the London community delivered again. You guys are the reason we kept going. I, Funmi Akanmu, Wunmi Ogidan, Shade Babalola, Abi Ayorinde, Francesca Danmole, Fola Kafidiya, and Uyi Usibor the P2P team worked so hard! And you supported us with your service and your money. Because of you children will have a quiet and beautiful space to study and to do their homework. We will give blind children a place to learn Braille too – soon – we will offer vocational training – makeup artists, designers, event planners, caterers will teach children and young people how to start a business at our centre.  Because you supported this vision.  Thank you! 

We are still working hard as we need to raise money for the last lap – we still need computers but we will open our doors with the library complete in less than two weeks to children who deserve every chance to fulfil their potential. Please don’t stop supporting us. in fact we need a donation today, help us purchase these last computers, any donation will helps us tremendously please click here to donate anything you can afford.

Just £7.50 a month will buy all the books required for a student for a year


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