Febuary 2016



Welcome to my first ever blog post for Path to Possibilities. It feels like the right time to start writing about the inner details of how we operate from my own perspective. I say my own perspective because I write as the founder of Path to Possibilities, but I do hope my team mates will contribute from time to time as guest writers. We all have great stories to share!

It’s a big year for Path to Possibilities! So big I fret about the responsibility and work load on the team. Especially when all of them are giving up their time and skills for free.  In the last three years we really have formed a great unit; what I love the most is our diversity;  in views, backgrounds, outlook, etc – we are all so different, but so passionate about giving back . 

One of our senior volunteers is going on maternity leave soon, and I really had to bite my tongue from asking how long she intended to take! If she was sure she would come back! Could she please write that down! and sign it! I’ll miss her!! Just as I miss our first ever male volunteer! He worked with us for close to two years - but the possiblibility of a new job and starting his own business means he can’t commit to the charity this year,  I say this year as the door is always open to him for a return.

I said this is a big year for us! It is! We are embarking on the ‘Ikota Project here . We are working towards building a resource centre for the of children of Ikota. This is an area we have worked in for over 6 years. We know the schools in this area are poorly resourced, we know the children do not have access to a library, we know they need the internet to broaden their horizon.  but also concerning, I have seen with my own eyes the condition these children live in, it is not conducive for studying or learning.  Often, the whole family, a family of five or more live in a single bedroom – a space to study is a luxury. Our project is a simple one; we want to establish a centre where children can access books, multiple books, where we can in time offer lessons on literacy and numeracy, all for free.

Over the next few months the team’s energy will be focused on making this happen – did I tell you one of our volunteer is going on maternity leave and another has stepped down? Honestly I could cry!! But I’m a tough cookie! I will not cry. Besides, the New Year saw a new volunteer join the team!! Fola comes to the team with strong company secretary skills and experience in governance. We look forward to all the great and wonderful things she will contribute – there certainly is no shortage of tasks!  


Just £7.50 a month will buy all the books required for a student for a year


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