Oct 2016:  Ikota Resoure Centre is opening– the Story so far

 After working in the area of Ikota for 6 years, we realised that we couldn’t sponsor all the children in the community, but we could give them access to a resource centre - to study, use computers, and to take vocational courses.   Before we started the project we visited the schools in the area to learn if such a centre would be useful to over 1,000 children living in and around Ikota. We spoke directly to these children in their schools and the answer was Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Pleaseeee. Read more here..

April 2016:  Francesca Temitope Danmole

 When I was 3 years old, I wanted to be a Milkman – I loved Postman Pat and just believed that if I became a Milkman he would know me, and we’d be friends. When I was 8, my teacher Ms. Kadri, dissected a Lamb’s heart as part of a science lesson. From that, I decided that one day I would grow up, become a doctor and go into far parts of the world to build orphanages and women’s refuges.  I do not know how I connected the two but that  is what I told everyone I would do. Read more here..


March 2016 : 

 Last month I got a WhatsApp message " good afternoon ma" I didn't respond I was really busy and then I got distracted and forgot to respond after 30 minutes I got another message" how is work ma?  I got irritated. Who is this person being over familiar". I responded curtly " who is this"? the response came immediately "It's Balaraba ma" I looked  at my phone and realised it was a Nigerian number, my response was cool " how are you and why are you not in school? " She responded immediately " we are on break ma, this is my mother's phone,  we resume on Monday". Read more here...

Febuary 2016 : Ikota Project 

Welcome to my first ever blog post for Path to Possibilities. It feels like the right time to start writing about the inner details of how we operate from my own perspective. I say my own perspective because I write as the founder of Path to Possibilities, but I do hope my team mates will contribute from time to time as guest writers. We all have great stories to share! Read more here...

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